The Three Types of Objectives

There are three types of objectives:

Strategic Objectives

Strategic objectives are your organization’s high-level and longer-term objectives. Organizations typically set strategic objectives annually. The organization will review these objectives throughout the year. However, organizations may set strategic objectives more frequent with the understanding that overhead exists with managing these objectives. Organizations establish strategic objectives first before they set any other objective types.

Team Objectives

Team objectives are tactical objectives created by a team. A team may represent a department or a cross-functional group aligned to a common goal. Most of the team objectives will align to one of the strategic objectives. Teams will set objectives quarterly, though, may differ in cadence depending on the objective. However, team objective end dates should align with the OKC Summits. Teams may share objectives where a particular team may own just 1 or 2 of the associated key results. This session focuses on how to create and draft team objectives.  

Inidividual Objectives

Individual objectives are tactical objectives owned by a single individual contributor. We discourage the use of individual objectives and only consider using them for certain circumstances. One example would be when a team member owns an entire metric. This may occur for supporter role or individual contributors such as a salesperson. Remember that individual objectives should provide business value and not just track activity.

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